WWE Raw: Randy Orton Turns on Ric Flair With a Brutal Punt Kick

Randy Orton took on Kevin Owens in this week’s main event after Ric Flair seemingly talked KO into the match last week in a backstage segment.

Orton was able to come out on top and hit his famous RKO, but his night wasn’t over. Orton requested a mic and went on to verbally degrade Ric Flair after stating that he no longer had any respect for the star.

Orton made a number of shocking comments about the 71-year-old star including stating that Flair saw him as the son he never had. He also brought up the fact that he had a pacemaker and that made him less of a man because he wasn’t the same man that he looked up to back in 2001.

It was a deeply personal segment that saw Flair’s rebuttal reach similar levels of personal where he opened up about how he loves the spotlight and he loves being by Orton’s side because he wants to see him lift his 14th World Championship.

Flair then broke down into tears when he talked about his coma from a few years ago and what he wanted when he woke up after 12 days.

The segment then ended in a hug between the two men as Orton seemingly realized that Flair wasn’t the man he believed he was. Orton then double-crossed him by delivering a low blow and lowering Flair to the ground.

Flair is reportedly unable to take a bump so the segment was well written and saw The Viper deliver a punt kick. The lights were flickering throughout and Orton was able to deliver the kick in the darkness which meant that Flair didn’t actually have to take the kick.

McIntyre finally came out and made the save, but the damage was already done and Flair has now been added to the list alongside Edge, Christian, and The Big Show.