WWE Raw: Reckoning Unmasked, Kicked Out of RETRIBUTION?

After weeks of being in the background with RETRIBUTION, Reckoning finally made her in-ring debut this week on Raw, but the match didn’t go to plan.

Dana Brooke was her chosen opponent after Reckoning attacked her a few weeks ago on Raw and cost her a role at Survivor Series.

Both Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke were taken out of the Women’s Survivor Series match ahead of the show since Rose suffered a legitimate injury, while her tag team partner was attacked backstage.

Brooke was out for revenge and was able to get the upper-hand early on in the match when Reckoning was shockingly unmasked, which was seemingly not supposed to happen since RETRIBUTION usually keep their masks on to wrestle.

Reckoning later lost her match to Brooke after Mustafa Ali tried to step in to help and the distraction allowed Brooke to roll the former NXT star up for the victory.

Despite being at fault for the loss, Ali headed into the ring and screamed at Reckoning about failure and how it’s not acceptable in RETRIBUTION.

It’s currently unknown as to whether or not the star has been kicked out of the group or if Ali was warning Reckoning that this was the only loss that she is allowed and he expects results moving forward.