WWE Raw: RETRIBUTION Invades the Main Event, Sends a Message By Attacking Rey Mysterio and Dominik

Dominik lost his debut match at SummerSlam when he was Curb Stomped in front of his father, just minutes after Murphy and Seth Rollins had been disrespectful to his mother Angie as well.

It was clear that the issues between these four stars were far from over and this week on Raw when Dominik teamed up with his father for the first time for his debut match on Raw where the duo took on Rollins and his disciple Murphy.

Dominik was once again able to show just how much he had learned from his father over the years and the duo even delivered a double 619 similar to the one that Brock Lesnar received a few months ago.

The match was unable to finish with a clean victory for either team since the lights flickered and RETRIBUTION made their way out to the ring and began assaulting Rey Mysterio and Dominik.

Murphy and The Monday Night Messiah were able to get away and head up the ramp, but Mysterio and his son were beaten by the mysterious group who continue to attempt to send a message to the WWE roster.

The fact that this match ended in a no-contest means that it’s likely that there will be a rematch this weekend at Payback.