WWE RAW Reunion Is USA Network’s Suggestion To Boost Viewership Ratings, Returning Legends Announced, Jim Ross Rejects Invitation

More than 35 big names will be present on the special show next week

Image via Youtube

The special WWE RAW Reunion takes place next week and WWE has already dubbed the show as the largest reunion in the history of the promotion.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that next week’s special episode is actually USA Network’s strategy to boost viewership ratings.

“USA is very disappointed with the numbers. They made a bunch of suggestions and one of them was the RAW Reunion show.”

Let’s hope USA Network’s plan works this time too just like their idea of the WWE 24/7 Championship that eventually turned out to be a huge success. The 24/7 title was initially criticized but WWE managed to work things around and fans absolutely love the new belt now.

Monday Night RAW has recorded dreadful numbers multiple times this year and the USA Network seems to be losing it. After all, they need to figure out a way to boost viewership ratings before SmackDown Live moves to FOX in The Fall and The Blue Show officially becomes the new weekly flagship programme.

WWE announced the following Hall Of Famers and notable Superstars of the past for the special reunion through its commercial that aired during Extreme Rules:

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Hulk Hogan
Ric Flair
Shawn Michaels
Razor Ramon
Kurt Angle
Sgt. Slaughter
Ted DiBiase
Eric Bischoff
The Boogeyman
Jimmy Hart
The Hurricane
Santino Marella
Jerry “The King” Lawler
D-Von Dudley
Booker T
Sean Waltman

Meltzer reported that WWE is bringing in “more than 35” big names for next week’s RAW Reunion. Fans should brace themselves for an absolutely packed show; put some Paul Heyman icing on top and there you have a blockbuster box-office shattering masterpiece!

One huge name that won’t be at the show is Hall Of Famer Jim Ross.

During his Grillin’ JR live show in Jackson, Florida, Good Ol’ JR himself revealed that Vince McMahon had invited him to RAW Reunion special but the legendary color-commentator himself turned it down.