WWE Raw: Rey Mysterio Chooses “Eye For An Eye” Stipulation For His Match Against Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules

This week on Raw, Aleister Black was mysteriously attacked backstage ahead of his match with Rey Mysterio against Seth Rollins and Murphy. This allowed Kevin Owens to step in as Mysterio’s partner for his tag match and as an added bonus to the match, KO pitched that the winner would announce the stipulation for their match at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules.

Owens had invited Rollins and Murphy onto The KO Show so that he could remind the Monday Night Messiah that he defeated him at WrestleMania before pointing out that he would never be on his side, but he would always step up to aid Rey Mysterio when needed.

Mid-way through the match, Rollins targeted Mysterio’s son Dominick who was at ringside until Aleister Black made his way out despite obviously still in some pain following his backstage attack.

Black helped to aid Owens and Mysterio so that Dominick could rake Murphy’s eyes and allow his father to pick up the confidence-boosting win over Rollins and his disciple Murphy.

Following the match, Mysterio cut a strange promo where he announced that the stipulation for his match against Rollins would be an “eye-for-an-eye.” The former World Champion claimed that he would pull Rollins’ eye out himself in what was quite the revelation which has left many fans speechless?

This kind of match has never been staged before and it’s unclear what it actually entails. Surely WWE isn’t thinking of making a match that physical that someone loses an eye, so hopefully the rules of this match will become clearer ahead of the show in less than two weeks’ time.

Next week’s go-home episode of Raw should provide some answers, but judging by Rollins’ reaction to the stipulation announcement, this wasn’t the one that he was hoping for.