WWE Raw: Robert Roode Returns to Raw to Challenge Drew McIntyre

This week on Monday Night Raw, Drew McIntyre kicked off the show by stating that he was laying down an open challenge to any man who hasn’t faced him for the WWE Championship in the past.

There were a number of options for WWE to choose from, but it became clear that it would be the returning Robert Roode when Dolph Ziggler was shown backstage helping Adam Pearce to find an opponent for the Champion.

Robert Roode hasn’t been seen on WWE TV in a number of months due to the COVID-19 lockdown which has prevented him from being able to travel.

Roode was even drafted to Raw alongside Dolph Ziggler in his absence and was finally able to make his return to the company tonight on Raw.

Roode and McIntyre had a fantastic feud over the NXT Championship a few years ago and the two men were able to find the same chemistry again for tonight’s match.

Dolph Ziggler made his presence at ringside known numerous times and almost helped Roode win when he hit the Glorious DDT, but McIntyre kicked out. Moments later, McIntyre hit the Claymore and retained his Championship.