WWE Raw: Rusev Breaches Restraining Order, Bobby Lashley and Lana Are Arrested

This week’s episode of Raw kicked off with Seth Rollins delivering an apology to the locker room before Kevin Owens interrupted. This lead to the Authors of Pain coming out and issuing a challenge to Rollins and Owens for a tag match, which Owens refused since he still believed that AOP were working for Rollins.

After AOP and Rollins left, Owens issued an Open Challenge and Lana made her way out to the top of the ramp where she confirmed that the restraining order on her “soon to be ex-husband” was still active in Tennessee, before Owens cut her off and this lead to a match between her new boyfriend Bobby Lashley and Owens.

The match was the physical affair that was expected between the two men, but when it looked as though Owens was gaining the upperhand, The Authors of Pain came out and once again attacked Owens and cost him the match.

After the match, Charley Caruso interviewed Lashley about his loss via DQ but while he was facing the other way, Rusev slipped into the ring and superkicked The Almighty before Lana’s security could react. The former United States Champion then ran out of the ring and through the crowd which left a fuming Lashley to confront the police officers that he seemingly hired.

The officers then stated that they were WWE fans but things worked differently in Tennessee so Lashley shoulder charged past him which lead to him being arrested. Lana freaked out and shouted about how Rusev should have been arrested before slapping one of the officers so she was then put in handcuffs as well.

Following the commercial break, Lana and Lashley were taken out in a police car as R-Truth and The Street Profits watched them leave the arena in the back of the squad car.