WWE Raw: Sasha Banks Wins The Raw Women’s Championship Via Countout

Last week on Raw, Stephanie McMahon announced that Asuka and Sasha Banks would go one-on-one this week to decide who the real Raw Women’s Champion was. Banks had essentially stolen the Women’s Championship at Extreme Rules when Bayley put on a referee’s shirt and made the count for her.

McMahon made it clear that the Championship could change hands via disqualification or count-out, which is why Banks decided against walking out of the match and then attempted to get Asuka disqualified when she pulled an Eddie Guerrero with the Raw Women’s Championship.

Asuka looked as though she was going to win the Championship before Bayley appeared on the screen from backstage and was attacking Asuka’s best friend Kairi Sane.

The attack continued and Sane was unable to fight back which meant that Asuka was forced to head backstage and help her Kabuki Warriors partner.

Asuka went on to lose the match via count-out and that in-turn awarded Sasha Banks the Championship legally. This means that Sasha Banks and Bayley now hold all of the women’s gold on the main roster.

Asuka was later shown backstage where The Empress of Tomorrow was seen looking perplexed following the turn of events.