WWE RAW: Security Accidentally Tackles Official Ahead Of RAW Segment

Image via Twitter

Lana and Bobbly Lashley officially got married this week on RAW after what was a controversial segment that ended the year on RAW last week. This week their segment was surrounded by controversy for completely different reasons since the official who married Lashley and Lana was actually tackled by security before he could make his way to the ring.

AJ Styles had just exited following his match with Akira Tozawa before the official attempted to step into the ring and was then taken down by security, and the camera interestingly panned the ring before then going on ad-break. When the show returned, Lana and Lashley’s entrance was seemingly delayed as the company attempted to ensure that the official was in place following the mix-up.

Vic Joseph himself then mentioned on commentary that security had tackled the official for this segment and it was made even more clear when images were shown that the “fan” was wearing the same clothes. It’s quite an interesting mistake to make and looks as though it could have just been a miscommunication between RAW’s security and the backstage officials who are calling out instructions to security at ringside through the mics.

The segment was still able to go ahead without a hitch and Rusev was then able to make a match between himself and Bobby Lashley official for next week’s show before Liv Morgan was then shown backstage where she announced that since Lana would be in Bobby Lashley’s corner next week for their match then she would be in Rusev’s corner.

It will be a huge match for both Rusev and Lashley since The Bulgarian Brute lost his last match at TLC because of Lana so he will be wanting to gain some redemption on RAW to build some momentum ahead of the Rumble.