WWE RAW: Seth Rollins and The AOP Attack Rey Mysterio

Image via Twitter

Last week on Raw, Rey Mysterio tried to help Kevin Owens by handing him the steel pipe that he used to attack Brock Lesnar during his feud with The Beast Incarnate. Owens then used the pipe to trash AOP’s car before Seth Rollins revealed that he was behind the recent attacks and took out Owens with a Curb Stomp.

Rollins started the night by apologizing ahead of time by what he had to do to get even tonight and after Rey Mysterio made his way out to the ring to save Humberto Carrillo from an attack at the hands of Andrade, Rollins made his intentions clear.

Mysterio made his way to the ring slowly to try to force Andrade to back off after he delivered a Hammerlock DDT to Carrillo on the concrete floor outside the ring. This led to the match being seen as a no-contest so Mysterio currently doesn’t have a number one contender, but while Carrillo is out of action following the attack, Mysterio may step back into a feud with Andrade.

The trio attacked the current United States Champion before Rollins attempted to give him his pipe back and told him that he wasn’t a merciful leader and that he would let Rey go, but he had to remember that he owed him one, before he left.

Rollins came back as Mysterio was finding his way to his feet and delivered a Curb Stomp to send a clear message to the WWE locker room. AOP like violence for the sake of violence and it appears that Rollins is pushing that message now as well, Owens is away selling the beatdown at the hands of the trio last week, but if Rollins continues to single out enemies, there will be enough of them to wage their own war against him.

Rollins then headed backstage and when asked why he didn’t put Mysterio in the hospital, he claimed that it was so that The Master of the 619 could accept his challenge for a one-on-one match for the United States Championship next week on Raw.