WWE Raw: Seth Rollins Apologizes to Rey Mysterio, Austin Theory Noticeable Absentee

This week on Raw, Seth Rollins was prepared to head to the ring to give an apology to Rey Mysterio for his actions in recent weeks.

The former World Champion actually cut a promo where he addressed The Master of the 619 and went on to apologize for what he is going to do to him in front of his son.

This wasn’t enough of a message to send since Rollins went on to team with Murphy to take on Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo and after a confidence-boosting victory for The Monday Night Messiah, he decided to send a message to Mysterio.

Black went on to attack Rollins after he picked up the win but Rollins managed to put a Rey Mysterio mask on Carrillo and Curb Stomped him on the same steel steps that blinded Mysterio a few weeks ago.

It was another hard-hitting angle from Rollins which is heading towards Dominick’s in-ring debut, but it’s worth noting that Austin Theory was missing from this week’s episode of Raw.

Theory was one of the stars named in the recent #SpeakingOut movement that has since cost Jack Gallager, El Ligero, and Travis Banks their jobs in WWE.

Twitter began the movement a few weeks ago and it has allowed a number of victims of sexual assault, manipulation, and abuse within wrestling to finally come forward.

The movement seems to have calmed down over the past few days, but there have been a number of stars all over the wrestling world named including Joey Ryan who has since been fired from Impact Wrestling and Jimmy Havoc who AEW has sent to rehab.

At present, it is unknown if his absence was related to the recent accusations or if it was COVID-19 related since WWE has seen a spike in the number of cases at the Performance Center over the past week.