WWE Raw: Seth Rollins Brings Back The Paternity Angle With Rey Mysterio

Last week on Raw, Seth Rollins defeated Dominik in a steel cage match which was believed to be the end of their feud.

Their rivalry took an unexpected turn this week when Seth Rollins headed to the ring carrying an envelope and went on to reveal that Rey Mysterio wasn’t the father.

It was a flashback to 15 years ago with the storyline between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio, before another twist was added into the mix.

While Rollins didn’t specify which child he had requested a paternity test on, it was turned to Aalyah and Rollins went on to show some “evidence” that she wasn’t the daughter of the former World Champion.

Mysterio wasn’t happy that his 19-year-old daughter had been dragged into this feud and told Rollins that she was naive, which forced her to walk away followed by Angie and Dominik.

In a backstage segment later in the night, Aalyah stated that she only came to WWE to support her brother and it’s all gotten out of hand.

She then echoed her father’s words about her being naive and then once again left.

Buddy Murphy later approached Aalyah backstage where he apologized for recent actions, and it was obvious that Aalyah had been crying.

It’s unknown where WWE is going with this storyline, but it’s believed that it could be a way to bring Aalyah into storylines moving forward.