WWE RAW: Seth Rollins Completes Heel Turn, Officially Joins AOP

Seth Rollins has been teasing a heel turn over the past few weeks, but finally this week the former Universal Champion completed the turn when he was revealed as the man behind AOP‘s recent attacks on Kevin Owens.

Rollins called out AOP two weeks ago on Raw when the flagship show failed to pick up the victory in the battle for brand dominance at Survivor Series and the duo later interfered in his match against Kevin Owens in the main event later that night.

It was then questioned as to whether or not Rollins was behind this, something which he denied and continued to deny last week when AOP attacked Owens again and dragged him out of the arena.

This week, Owens wasn’t going down without a fight and went after AOP with a steel pipe, before he finally found their van and started to smash it up with a steel pipe. Owens was then able to open the door of the van and reveal a person, but it wasn’t AOP, it was Seth Rollins.

The Architect then ‘apologized’ to Owens before delivering a Curb Stomp onto the concrete floor in the backstage area after another attack by AOP.

Rollins then cut a promo on Raw’s stage when he blamed the WWE Universe for pushing him towards AOP because nothing was good enough for them. Rollins stated that he brought back the Universal Championship and defeated Brock Lesnar twice but that still wasn’t enough.

Rollins blamed the crowd for forcing him into a partnership with two men who understand his position since he has been struggling to please the WWE Universe for a while. Interestingly this was seemingly the only explanation that the former Shield member was giving the audience following his shocking union with the former NXT Tag Team Champions.