WWE Raw: Seth Rollins Reveals Secret Relationship Between Aalyah and Murphy

The issues between the Mysterio Family and Seth Rollins seem to be moving forward into Hell in a Cell. Tonight on Raw, the family were part of King’s Court when they were interrupted by Seth Rollins who had earlier been able to take Murphy’s phone.

It appears that the former Cruiserweight Champion doesn’t keep a lock on his phone since Rollins was able to open up a string of messages between his disciple and Mysterio’s daughter Aalyah.

Rollins shared their messages which showed that they were becoming much friendlier. Aalyah tried to explain to her parents that Murphy was different before walking out of the ring.

Dominik seemed to take some offense to the fact that Murphy was prying on his “naive” sister and headed backstage where he attacked Murphy.

The issues between Seth Rollins and Murphy looked to be bubbling over before Dominik interjected, which could lead to an interesting match at Hell in a Cell.