WWE Raw: Shane McMahon Introduces Raw Underground, New 24/7 Champion Crowned

Ahead of this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE announced that Shane McMahon was making his return on the show. The rumor mill was buzzing when it came to the reasons why McMahon was returning to WWE TV since the former SmackDown Commissioner was last seen in the fall of 2019 when he was fired from the company by Kevin Owens.

It was revealed in a backstage segment of the show that McMahon’s new vision was a show called Raw Underground which looks as though it could be a gritty Bloodsport style show.

Throughout the night there were a number of matches held in Raw Underground including bouts that saw Erik of The Viking Raiders and the man formerly known as Babatunde come out on top in the shoot style environment.

This week’s episode of Raw ended with The Hurt Business making their way down to Raw Underground and making it clear that it was under new management.

Bobby Lashley, MVP, and Shelton Benjamin all cleared house by attacking all of the athletes at ringside as a way to show that anything can happen as part of WWE’s newest Fight Club.

There is very little known about the new concept that McMahon is set to introduce but it seems that this idea has been raising a few eyebrows backstage with WWE officials, but could be the new injection that WWE has been looking for in recent weeks since the ratings have been falling and WWE has been looking for a way to bring back many of their original fans.

Earlier in the night, Shelton Benjamin revealed in a backstage segment that his 24/7 Championship had been stolen, before it was revealed that R-Truth was the culprit and he had run out to the ring with the title.

MVP was already unimpressed about his United States Championship loss and looked to exact some revenge on whoever had taken Benjamin’s title.

Truth then stepped into a triple threat match against Akira Tozawa and Benjamin for the 24/7 Championship where Tozawa was able to come out on top to become a three-time 24/7 Champion, the rules were switched off for the match but resumed as soon as the pin took place.