WWE Raw Slumps To Lowest Viewership Against Monday Night Football

wwe Raw
Image via mykhel.com

WWE is currently just one week away from Super Show-Down in Australia, a month away from Evolution as well as finding time to build up both Crown Jewel and Survivor Series in November, but despite being right in the middle of one of their busiest periods of the year, the ratings this week seemed to prove that the WWE Universe is not fully engaged.

WWE has been in competition with Monday Night Football over the past few weeks and Raw was holding up well in the first two weeks, but their numbers hit an all-time low earlier this week when it was recorded that viewership had fallen 12% from last week’s number to collect just 2.350 million viewers.

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This figure is more than 100,000 viewers less than Raw’s lowest rating of the year back on July 9th. Forbes is also reporting that it appears that WWE’s usual core demographic of male fans over the age of 50 has now seemingly dropped off and the company has become reliant on newer and younger fans to make up the numbers.

The bad news for WWE here is that they will go head to head with Monday Night Football for the next few weeks as the build towards Evolution and Survivor Series continues.

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Historically, WWE has always struggled to compete with Monday Night Football and it was reported that Damien Sandow’s failed Money in the Bank cash-in back in 2016 was because the company was feeling the pressure to compete with the beautiful game.

The company has always had a loyal fan base that tunes into their flagship show, but given the latest figures, it’s believed that Monday Night Football and the return of both Dancing With The Stars and The Big Bang Theory have started to chip away at WWE’s usual audience figures.