WWE Raw: Stipulation Added to SummerSlam Match, 24/7 Championship Changes Hands Three Times

This weekend at SummerSlam, Apollo Crews will be defending the United States Championship against MVP in what is just another page in the lengthy chapter between the two men.

Back at Extreme Rules, Apollo Crews wasn’t in attendance so MVP attempted to crown himself as the Champion via forfeit but this decision was never made official by WWE.

This week on Raw, the stipulation was added to the match that banned Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley from ringside after Crews was able to defeat the former 24/7 Champion. Crews was able to pick up the win thanks to the distractions from R-Truth and Akira Tozawa along with his ninjas.

While MVP was still angry about the outcome of the match which means that he will have no support at ringside on Sunday night, Benjamin was able to garner a small amount of revenge when he pinned R-Truth and regained his 24/7 Championship. MVP then went on to challenge Crews to a six-man elimination match.

Later in the night, Crews chose Ricochet and Mustafa Ali as his partners and The Hurt Business was able to turn the match into a 3-on-1 situation after both Ali and Ricochet were quickly eliminated.

While the action was focused on the ring, Cedric Alexander sneaked in and rolled up Shelton Benjamin after he was eliminated, to become the new 24/7 Champion. Alexander then ran out of the ringside area to ensure that Benjamin wasn’t able to reclaim his title.

Crews was able to eliminate MVP shortly after Benjamin before the match came down to Bobby Lashley and Crews and interestingly just six days before SummerSlam, the United States Champion was pinned by Lashley.

After the match, The Hurt Business celebrated the victory, but MVP will still be required to face Crews alone at SummerSlam.

Cedric Alexander was put into a match against Akira Tozawa following his Championship win but while Alexander was able to retain his title against Tozawa, Shelton Benjamin was able to sneak back down to the ring and win back his title.