WWE Raw: Stipulation Announced For Randy Orton vs Edge At WrestleMania 36

Edge returned to WWE at the Royal Rumble back in January, where he was able to throw Randy Orton out of the ring and The Viper wasn’t able to allow him to forget it. The following night, Orton attacked Edge and looked to put him back on the shelf with a Con-Chair-To, something that kept him off WWE TV until he made his return last week looking for vengeance.

Over the past few months, Orton has targetted both Edge’s friend Matt Hardy and his wife Beth Phoenix which has only served to fire the Rated R Superstar up ahead of his return last week, where he actually delivered an RKO to Orton himself.

This week, Raw may have been presented in the Performance Center, but Edge was still in attendance and was able to deliver a passionate promo where he revealed that Beth Phoenix came to Raw two weeks ago to retire for Edge, but Orton never allowed her to finish and because of this Edge changed his mind.

He went on to point out the fact that Orton hadn’t allowed him to forget that he worked hard to be where he was, but The Viper had been handed it and that it was time for this vendetta to come to an end. He then challenged Orton to a Last Man Standing Match at WrestleMania 36, a show that it was earlier revealed would also take place in the Performance Center on April 5th.

Given the recent COVID-19 outbreak, this was the best possible option for WWE and it appears that the Hall of Fame Ceremony and Takeover will either take place in the same venue or at a later date. Now that WWE has WrestleMania plans officially out of the way, it appears that the card will now start to be revealed and hopefully Orton will accept Edge’s challenge and WrestleMania will have a Last Man Standing match added in the coming days.