WWE Raw: The Authors Of Pain Invade Main Event, Show Ends On a Cliffhanger

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw saw the return of The Authors of Pain, who have been talking about bringing some violence to the brand over the past few weeks in backstage promos. After they were called out by Seth Rollins at the beginning of the show because they weren’t part of Survivor Series, the former NXT Tag Team Champions went on to decimate Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins in their in-ring return.

This wasn’t the only action that AOP were part of this week since they decided to involve themselves in the main event as well. Seth Rollins challenged Kevin Owens to a match after the former Universal Champion hit him with a Stunner earlier in the show, a match that later became the main event.

It was an entertaining match between the two former World Champions, but the match turned a corner when AOP headed down to the ring, seemingly to settle the score with Rollins. Shockingly, they turned their attention to Kevin Owens and decided to beat him down in the corner while Rollins recovered and found his way back to his feet.

When Rollins was up, Akam and Rezar turned around and looked as though they were going to attack the former Universal Champion, but instead they both turned around and walked away, leaving Rollins to deliver a Curb Stomp to an already defeated Kevin Owens.

There were no hints as to why there is an alliance forming between Rollins and AOP after this interaction, but it’s through that this could be Monday Night Raw’s new team. Rollins has upgraded from J&J Security, who he relied on last time he was a heel and this time around the WWE Universe is well aware that AOP already has the gear to match The Shield if needed.