WWE Raw: The IIconics Forced to Split Following Loss, Riott Squad Earn Championship Match

Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan came out on top as part of the kickoff show at Payback last night, but tonight on Raw, the company decided to book a rematch between the two teams.

This time there was the added stipulation that the winner of the match would be given a Women’s Tag Team Championship match while the losers would be forced to split.

The Riott Squad has had their issues over the past few weeks and, after The IIconics tried to come between them at Payback, there was a belief that it would be Morgan and Riott who were forced to go their separate ways.

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay have been a tag team throughout their entire time in WWE and first met in high school, but despite their past, the two women will now be forced to split after Riott pinned Kay following a brief match on Raw.

There were rumors a few weeks ago that Peyton Royce was set for a huge push on Monday Night Raw, which could now become a reality if Royce was to be given a singles push off the back of this surprising split.

On the flip side, Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott will now be given a Women’s Tag Team Championship match against new Champions Shayna Balzer and Nia Jax at some point in the near future and despite their recent issues, Morgan and Riott look to be on the same page once again.