WWE Raw: The Miz Attempts to Cash-in His Money in the Bank Contract

This week’s episode of Raw was seemingly pointed toward The Miz and whether or not he would cash-in his Money in the Bank contract.

The A-List superstar was looking for Sheamus to help him become WWE Champion in the main event by turning on his long-time friend, but the Irish star wasn’t interested when he was asked to help on Miz TV.

Later in the night, following his win in the Sudden Death Triple Threat match, AJ Styles told Miz that he would help him to cash in the contract and he was true to his word.

After Sheamus was neutralized, the former WWE Champion interfered in the match and delivered a Phenomenal Forearm, before John Morrison and Miz then attempted to ground the Champion.

The Miz then headed over to the referee to cash-in his Money in the Bank contract but received a Claymore before it could become official.

This means that The Miz lives to fight another day and retains his contract for future use.

The focus then turned to Styles and McIntyre and Osmos (Styles’ bodyguard) was forced to step in and carry Styles from the ring before the WWE Champion was able to inflict any kind of damage.