WWE Raw: The Miz Regains His Money in the Bank Contract

Back at TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, The Miz seemingly cashed in his Money in the Bank contract but came up short when Drew McIntyre was able to overcome some interesting odds.

The Miz cashed in as part of a TLC match between AJ Styles and McIntyre, thus creating a triple threat match, which he was unable to win.

Following the show, it was pointed out that John Morrison was actually the man who cashed in the contract, which wasn’t within the Money in the Bank rules.

Miz has since been on the phone talking to everyone that he can about the rules, in the hopes that WWE agrees to give him back his contract.

This week on Raw, The Miz and Morrison were looking upset backstage after The Awesome star was pinned by Gran Metalik, but producer Adam Pearce appeared to lighten the mood.

Pearce stated that Miz was right and that Morrison wasn’t allowed to cash in the contract for him, which meant that he was allowed to have the contract back.

This means that The Miz is now Mr. Money in the Bank once again heading into 2021 and this led to a dance party between Morrison and The Miz backstage on Raw.