WWE Raw: The Miz Removes Himself From Elimination Chamber, Replaced By Kofi Kingston

Last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw saw WWE Official Adam Pearce announce the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match which included some of the biggest stars on the roster.

One of the question marks from the announcement was why The Miz was included in the match when he already had a shot at the WWE Championship whenever he required.

The Miz was set to be part of the match with the likes of Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, and Sheamus, but this week on Raw, Mr. Money in the Bank made an interesting decision.

The Miz announced that he was removing himself from the Elimination Chamber match on Sunday after being attacked by Drew McIntyre on an episode of Miz TV.

Following the announcement, The Miz headed backstage and asked Adam Pearce to add John Morrison to the match in his place, but the WWE Official didn’t look convinced.

Kofi Kingston then pleaded his case for a place in the match and Pearce made a match between Kingston and Miz which would allow the winner to qualify for the Chamber.

Kofi Kingston was able to come out on top following a Trouble in Paradise and was then forced to pull double duty when he was added to the main event gauntlet match.