WWE RAW: The Viking Experience Undergo Yet Another Name Change, Bobby Roode Has A New Name And Moustache

Image via WWE

The Viking Experience Undergo Yet Another Name Change

The Viking Experience have undergone yet another name change in WWE.

The team that was popularly known as War Machine in ROH and War Raiders in NXT will now be known as The Viking Raiders.

Rowe and Hanson‘s new names from last week (Erik and Ivar) have not been changed.

The tag team was renamed to The Viking Experience for their Monday Night RAW debut last week and have now been labeled as The Viking Raiders, as noted in their bios on WWE‘s website.

It’s pretty absurd for the company to change names so quickly, be it for trademark purpose or Vince McMahon‘s liking.

Bobby Roode Has A New Name

The Glorious Bobby Roode has a new name in WWE.

According to WWE’s website and subsequent backstage interview, the former United States Champion will now be known as Robert Roode.

The Canadian wrestler used the name Robert Roode for the first time in 2006 when he teamed up with Eric Young and Tracy Brooks to form the Robert Roode Inc. in TNA.

Roode, who now sports a slightly new (grim) look courtesy of a thick moustache, will be performing as a heel on RAW.

The 2019 Superstar Shake-Up that split Chad Gable from Roode could potentially help revive The Glorious’ singles career given he was one of the hottest and most promising babyfaces to ever debut on the main roster.