WWE Raw: United States Championship Match Announced For Backlash

Apollo Crews defeated Andrade to win the United States Championship a few weeks ago on Monday Night Raw, and now, El Idolo will be given the chance to reclaim his Championship after becoming the new number one contender.

Andrade took on his stablemate Angel Garza and Kevin Owens this week on Raw and the union between the two men began to crumble. Andrade and Garza were arguing on the outside and Zelina Vega was then knocked over and injured by one of the stars before she was then helped out of the arena by medical staff.

Vega’s absence at ringside was a huge miss for Garza and Andrade, but the former Champion was able to cash in on some good fortune when he pinned his stablemate to become the new Number One Contender for the United States Championship.

Owens hit Garza with a Stunner before Andrade dragged him off the cover and pinned the former Cruiserweight Champion to claim a rematch for his Championship.

After the match, the two men were seen arguing backstage before Vega appeared and was able to settle them down. That being said, there could be a heavy tease here that Garza and Andrade may no longer be on the same page.