WWE Raw: Unsanctioned Match Announced For Next Week’s Episode

Following Edge’s injury a few weeks ago, it’s become apparent that WWE is throwing together Randy Orton’s storyline on the fly. In recent weeks he has been joined by WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, who has helped him to fully transform into The Legend Killer once again.

After R-Truth bumped into The Viper backstage last week on Raw, Flair challenged the 24/7 Champion to a match on behalf of Orton, and Truth accepted even though he believed he was facing Flair.

It was a strange scenario and it was a match that was over in seconds since Truth went for his scissor kick finisher before being spun into an RKO. Orton picked up the victory but wasn’t finished since he looked to be setting up for the Punt Kick.

Just as Orton was about to deliver the career-ending kick, The Big Show made his way out to save his long time friend. Show and Orton have had their issues in recent weeks and even though Orton claimed that he wasn’t going to kick Truth, it’s easy to believe that the monster that has developed inside The Apex Predator would have gone through with it.

Show and Orton had their own back and forth before The Viper decided that he wanted to settle his issues with The World’s Largest Athlete for good. It’s unknown why this match wasn’t added to The Horror Show at Extreme Rules since it takes place this weekend, but Orton challenged The Big Show to an unsanctioned match next Monday Night on Raw.

This means that WWE won’t be held responsible for what Orton does to The Big Show and it was also the match that Orton challenged Christian to a few weeks ago before destroying him in the middle of the ring.

Despite the warning signs, The Big Show accepted the challenge and now the match has been made official for next week’s episode of Raw.