WWE RAW Viewership Lowest In History This Week

Image via WWE

WWE Monday Night RAW from this week suffered a massive dip in ratings, as the show averaged a measly 1.86 viewers over the three-hour run, which is the lowest non-holiday rating for the show ever.

This week’s RAW dropped 10% from last week’s episode, which had earlier held the record for the lowest non-holiday rating in RAW’s history. It was also the first time that RAW had fallen under 2 million in 2019, but it wasn’t highly surprising due to this week’s episode being taped last week itself.

RAW had tough competition from several holiday special episodes along with Monday Night Football, and couldn’t hold up against the fierce battle from the other shows. RAW ended up being #13 in viewership for Monday night, while it stood at #5 in the 18-49 demographic.

RAW’s ratings have consistently fallen in the last few years, which makes this less a surprise as it normally should. The three-hour format of RAW has led to a tremendous drop in the third hour of the show, which cuts a sorry figure this week as well.

There was a loss of 300k viewers from the first hour to the third, roughly 15% of the audience watching RAW in the first hour switched to different channels by the time the main event rolled around.

WWE is also struggling to keep up the ratings of SmackDown, which has consistently fluctuated ever since their move to FOX in October. In contrast, NXT is currently very happy with their position in the Wednesday Night Wars, and hence, WWE should take advice or two on how to book main-roster shows.

Next week’s RAW episode is advertised with a big wedding sequence between Bobby Lashley and Lana, which will surely bring more eyes to the product this week. RAW will also not suffer the wrath of Football, as they will be taking a break until fall.