WWE RAW: Women’s TLC Match and Rusev vs Bobby Lashley Made Official For TLC

Becky Lynch returned to Raw this week and given her issues with Charlotte Flair, she opted to take on The Kabuki Warriors by herself in a handicap match. The Man seemed to have things covered until Asuka opted to use a chair and got the Women’s Tag Team Champions disqualified.

Kairi Sane then put Lynch through a table with the Insane Elbow, before Lynch and Charlotte then crossed paths once again backstage but Charlotte refused to help Lynch this time around, even though Becky offered to help after the attack at the hands of The Kabuki Warriors.

Charlotte was then attacked in the hallway by Sane and Asuka, before the Tag Team Champions challenged Lynch and Charlotte to challenge them for the titles on Sunday night at TLC.

Lynch and Charlotte then decided to up the ante and requested the match become the first-ever Women’s Tag Team TLC match. It’s assumed that the Champions accepted since the match has now been made official.

Another match that has been made official is the Tables match between Rusev and Bobby Lashley since Rusev made his divorce from Lana official earlier tonight, but added that he would only sign the document if he could face the former ECW Champion.

The match type wasn’t specified, but after Rusev put Lashley through a table, it’s assumed that the seed was planted and now that match will take place on Sunday night. Rusev has already made it clear that he’s happy to be rid of Lana, so it’s unknown what the winner will recieve.

It’s also unknown how WWE will continue this storyline now that Lana and Rusev have been divorced and there is a restraining order in place. This match could either mark the end of the storyline or there will be something in the pipeline that allows it to continue into 2020.