WWE Raw: WWE Teases Split Between Seth Rollins and Murphy Following SummerSlam Loss, Rey Mysterio Out of Action With Torn Tricep

Seth Rollins and Murphy lost their tag team match against Rey Mysterio and Dominik last night at SummerSlam, but this came after Murphy kicked Rollins in the face and was pinned by Dominik.

After the match, there was a tease that The Monday Night Messiah was not happy that his disciple had been the reason for his loss, but it wasn’t until tonight on Raw that Rollins was able to speak his mind.

Rollins headed to the ring closely followed by Murphy for his match against Dominik, since Rey Mysterio wasn’t medically cleared, but the former World Champion then kicked his disciple out of the ring and told him not to come back until he had decided which side of history he wanted to be on.

Rollins then slapped Murphy on the back of the head on the way out of the ring and his follower then headed up the ramp, where he was blind-sighted by Dominik on his way to the ring for his match against Rollins.

Rollins opted to go at it alone against Dominik which was ultimately the best decision since he was able to come out on top following a Curb Stomp, even though he did have to weather quite the storm throughout the match.

Dominik then received a second stomp after the bell as the former World Champion continues to send a message to the Mysterio family, who were watching the action unfold backstage.

On a side note, Dominik was forced to step in for his father since Rey Mysterio suffered a torn tricep last night at SummerSlam and is now out of action for an unknown period of time.

It is currently unknown what kind of effect this injury will have on the storyline between the Mysterio family and The Monday Night Messiah moving forward.