WWE Receiving Mainstream Attention After Bad Bunny’s Appearance

Bad Bunny performed at the Royal Rumble this Sunday, which drew mixed reactions from the fans. Wrestling fans weren’t familiar with the Latin sensation, but the general audiences’ interest was caught with Bunny’s appearance at the Rumble.

Several mainstream websites are covering Bunny’s appearance at the Rumble, with TMZ being one of those.

The video of Bunny performing his Booker T song has over a million views on Youtube. Bunny also attacked Miz and Morrison during the Rumble event, delivering a crossbody from the top, which is also a hit on the video-sharing platform.

With WWE not really the best in the pop culture of USA right now, Bunny’s appearance has given them a good boost.

This along with fan-favorite Edge’s win is surely getting a lot of casual fans interested in the product, which is exactly what the company would be craving for currently.