WWE Recycled Rejected Dean Ambrose Promo On Monday Night RAW

How many promos have WWE tucked away for future use?

Image via WWE

This week’s episode of Monday Night RAW kicked off with a promo from Elias. The Drifter trolled the Los Angeles crowd over the Lakers’ recent acquisition of Anthony Davis. The fans were hot and responded with some loud boos.

It turns out that the Elias promo was not an original act after all. Instead, the segment was a recycled version of a rejected Dean Ambrose promo that Vince McMahon had once designed for The Lunatic Fringe to get heat from the LA crowd.

During his Talk Is Jericho shoot interview, Jon Moxley (fka Ambrose in WWE) had talked about that same LA promo which he deliberately chose to turn down.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the recycled promo and how WWE had to use it just to fill Elias in.

“[Moxley] explained this whole thing that Vince wanted and he didn’t wanna do it and so Elias did it and it’s just like after a lot of people heard that podcast for them to go in there and have Elias do it. Is it like that’s almost kinda weird to me.”

“But it’s like ‘we liked it and we haven’t been in Los Angeles and now we’re in Los Angeles so goddamnit, we’re gonna have someone do this interview so we’ll have Elias do it and he did it.”

It’s interesting to see WWE recycling rejected promos to get the host city excited and pumped up for the show. This only makes us think how many promos WWE has in store for future use – more precisely, the next time they visit a particular city or whenever the time is right.

WWE hands scripted promos to their Superstars which is why the writers and McMahon are to blame in case the live crowd is turned off with a recycled version of an abandoned promo.