WWE Releases Official Statement on Reported Ban on Superstar Engagements on Social Media

WWE has released an official statement regarding WWE talent being required to stop engaging on third party platforms

As we reported earlier, Wrestling Inc. broke the news that the WWE talent had been told that they can no longer be on third-party services

While the WWE advisories were vague on what exactly they meant by “third-party services”, it was widely reported that this was the company’s attempt to crack down on talents using YouTube, Twitch, and Cameo as additional personal revenue streams.

WWE’s released statement confirms that the company wants to protect its intellectual property, but it is still vague about what is and is not allowed.

“Much like Disney and Warner Bros., WWE creates, promotes, and invests in it’s intellectual property, i.e. the stage names of performers like The Fiend Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Big E, and Braun Strowman. It is the control and exploitation of these characters that allows WWE to drive revenue, which in turn enables the company to compensate performers at the highest levels in the sports entertainment industry,” reads the statement.

The statement goes on to say that the WWE needs to “protect our greatest assets and establish partnerships with third parties on a companywide basis.”

The statement seems to confirm reports that WWE doesn’t want talent parlaying their fame for their own gain, without going through the company.

A report from Dave Meltzer claims that the “final straw” which brought about this ban was a deal that WWE talent Lana was able to make on her own on Instagram with Bang Energy Drinks. Lana has since refuted that report, but it is likely that this indeed is what the WWE is hoping to stop with their ban.

Aside from the fact that WWE has yet to specifically state what platforms and activities are covered by the ban, it is also unsure if this means that talent can use their real names to work with third-parties.

In a move that some people think is meant to circumvent the ban, Paige sent out an e-mail to subscribers of her Twitch channel where she changed her Twitch name to her “real name not my stage name.”

Paige’s Twitch channel is now SarayaOfficial, Saraya being her birth name.

Former WWE talent Renee Young and CM Punk have also joked about the ban, with Young implying she would make sure to launch her Twitch and Cameo with her real name Renee Paquette and Punk reminding people that the WWE never trademarked his name.