WWE Releases The Ascension, Triple H Convinced Vince McMahon To Release Unhappy Superstars

WWE has officially released three main roster Superstars over the last 24 hours namely, Viktor and Konnor of The Ascension, Luke Harper and Sin Cara, after months of speculations and rumors in the IWC.

The once-dominant tag team of NXT, The Ascension wrestled their last match in April and haven’t appeared on TV ever since their loss to Heavy Machinery on WWE Main Event. Viktor and Konnor used to be a popular act during the Fashion Files storyline but the creative soon lost direction and both men were buried alongside Breezango.

The Ascension’s career had gone downhill despite an impactful main roster debut. Although fans loved their dark, aggressive gimmick, their characters soon lost steam leading to their abysmal downfall.

The WWE Universe is yet to hear from Konnor but meanwhile, Viktor is quite happy with his release.

2019 has been a turbulent year for WWE – several Superstar releases parallel to sluggish ticket sales, record-low ratings, and failure of 2K20 video game have dilapidated the juggernaut promotion to a great extent.

A couple of weeks ago, Dave Meltzer reported that there had been an urge in the WWE management to let go of Superstars willing to quit the company. While Vince McMahon wasn’t initially ready to release those Superstars in fear that the talents could become bigger names in rival promotions, Paul “Triple H” Levesque finally managed to convince the CEO to release the unhappy wrestlers. It is to be noted that The Game was the man behind Dustin Rhodes‘ release when McMahon felt otherwise.

Of all 4 immediate ex-Superstars, Harper is perhaps the only wrestler capable of becoming a big star in AEW. The former Intercontinental Champion is friends with the key people in AEW and it’s only a matter of time before we see him in a new avatar in Tony Khan‘s promotion.

Further reports suggest that releasing unhappy Superstars is a tactful way for WWE to cut down on salaries and free up funds which can then be used to offer better deals to the key talents who are dear to them.