WWE Releases TJP, Tye Dillinger And Hideo Itami


WWE releases are usually an annual thing, but the company hasn’t released a number of stars on the same day for a few years and they have seemingly made up for it today.

It was reported yesterday that former NXT star Tye Dillinger had requested his release from the company after seemingly becoming frustrated with his lack of creative direction on the main roster.

Dillinger was a star on NXT for a number of years before he was called up to the main roster and gained a huge pop when he entered in the Royal Rumble at number 10, two years ago, but the company has failed to give him any sort of a push on the main roster over the past few years.

Tye Dillinger surprise entrance at RoyalRumble 2017

Tye Dillinger wasn’t the only person that was handed his exit papers, since the company has also announced that Hideo Itami has officially parted ways with WWE after handing in a release request a few weeks ago.

Itami came to the company surrounded by hype after making a name for himself in Japan as Kenta, but injuries have plagued his career and made it hard for him to push forward on 205 Live over the past few months.

The biggest shock of them all was TJ Perkins (TJP). The inaugural Cruiserweight Champion lit up the Raw brand for a number of months before 205 Live became a separate entity and Perkins then found it hard to find his feet among superstars of the same caliber. WWE has made it official on their website that all three stars have now been released.

All three stars have been given the same treatment but interestingly, none of them have been given the usual “best of luck in their future endeavors” speech.

TJP has already stated that he has no plans to head over to All Elite Wrestling but Itami and Dillinger’s futures are a little less clear.