WWE Reportedly Adding More Time To Luke Harper’s WWE Contract, Refusing His Release Request

Luke Harper
Image via Ringsidenews.com

Luke Harper seemingly made his return to WWE back at WrestleMania when he was part of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal but in the weeks that have followed, the company hasn’t used him at all on Raw or SmackDown and the former Intercontinental Champion remains undrafted in the current Superstar Shake-up.

Harper was SmackDown Tag Team Champion last summer as part of The Bludgeon Brothers but when Erick Rowan was injured the duo was forced to drop the titles and Harper was also taken off TV.

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While he wasn’t being used, Harper made the decision to have a medical procedure done on his wrist, which kept him sidelined for a number of months and he has been pushing for a return ever since.

Last week, Harper updated his Twitter account to state that he had asked for his WWE release, but it was always a possibility that WWE weren’t going to grant it or that they could add more time to his deal, which runs out in November since he’s been sidelined for the past six months.

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According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that’s exactly what the company has opted to do.

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“He is not going to be released and they’ve added six months to his contract because they’ve said that his contract term that was to end in November, has been added to because it was frozen due to his time off for wrist surgery. So their viewpoint is that he can’t leave until just before next year’s WrestleMania,” via Ringsidenews.

It is unknown what WWE plans to do with Harper now since Erick Rowan and Bray Wyatt are already on WWE TV without him, but Daniel Bryan’s recent injury could be the opening that The Bludgeon Brothers needed to reunite so that they can finally cash in their re-match clause for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships that they were forced to drop last August.