WWE Reportedly Attempted To Advertise Crown Jewel At Evolution But Regretted The Decision

Crown Jewel
Image via CageSideseats.com

WWE Crown Jewel is officially going ahead on Friday night in Saudi Arabia but there are still a number of stars who are not happy about it. John Cena has refused to work the event and will likely be replaced in the next few days, whilst the likes of Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose are said to be taking part in the show, but they’re not happy about it.

The women of WWE are physically unable to be part of the show because of the rules that women have to obey in The Middle East, which is why there is speculation that the women were given their own show just five days before they weren’t allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia with the rest of the WWE roster.

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As part of Evolution last night, WWE made the conscious decision to try to advertise Crown Jewel as a way to hopefully push the ratings of the second event over there but this was a huge mistake.

The women aren’t allowed to be in the show, so why would WWE try to advertise this to a strong women’s wrestling crowd? According to CageSideSeats, there was an attempt to advertise the show but the crowd booed the package so heavily that the feed was cut off and it wasn’t attempted again.

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WWE is currently stating that the show is sold out, but there are many fans around the world who are less than happy that WWE has decided to go ahead with the controversy surrounding the country at present.

Whether it was because women aren’t included in the show or because fans are unhappy with the event as a whole, WWE learned just how much the WWE Universe isn’t looking forward to Crown Jewel last night in Long Island.