WWE Reportedly Cancelled Survivor Series ‘Traitor’ Storyline?

Survivor Series is this weekend and whilst there are a number of interesting matches set to take place, WWE reportedly had a fantastic plan for a “traitor” storyline but decided not to go ahead.

There are many ideas that are knocked around the creative department and many of them never leave the room, but according to Wrestlevotes, this was actually a fantastic idea and saw the WWE roster looking for a leak in their roster.

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As noted above there would be a leak in the SmackDown roster and Shane McMahon would have to see who the traitor was but now this doesn’t appear to be happening.

It would be a great way for a superstar to be moved over to Raw if they were caught and were put in a position where they couldn’t remain on SmackDown, but obviously, the moment has passed.

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It is unknown as to why WWE decided not to go ahead with this storyline, since it is one of the better ones that could have taken place surrounding Survivor Series, but it could be down to many things including McMahon’s time commitments, lack of talent available or even the fact that the main decision-makers decided that it wasn’t a good enough pitch.

An invasion is expected to happen tonight on Monday Night Raw and then continue tomorrow night on SmackDown Live, but this would definitely have added a new spin to the annual invasion since the WWE Universe are already waiting for an invasion this time of year, but if the superstars were ready for it as well then it would definitely add a new swerve to the entire build up.