WWE Reportedly Changing Survivor Series Format This Year

Survivor series
Image via StaplesCenter.com

Survivor Series comes with a lengthy tradition and over the years Raw and SmackDown have always gone head to head for bragging rights. The only exception to this rule was when the brand split was no longer in place but since 2016 the format has returned.

Last year saw the return of the invasion as the set up to Survivor Series became one of the most watched in previous years, but despite this success, WWE could be thinking about changing the way Survivor Series is set up this year, with the brand vs brand match not being the main focus.

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With a huge power struggle currently on-going over on Raw, it makes sense for Kurt Angle to make his return to WWE in the coming weeks and begin the buildup to a match at Survivor Series for control of the company.

According to Barnburner’s No Holds Barred podcast and Wrestlevotes, it appears that Team Corbin vs Team Angle could be Survivor Series’ main selling point.

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SmackDown General Manager Paige and Baron Corbin have already exchanged words on Twitter and the usual fight for brand dominance is expected to still play its part in this year’s Survivor Series, but the fact that Corbin and Angle will want to fight it out for control of Raw, means that this will definitely be the main event storyline.

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SmackDown has lacked top stars ever since the most recent Superstar Shakeup, which could be one of the reasons why the match won’t be the focal point of the pay-per-view.

WWE has always had a Raw vs SmackDown match as part of their November pay-per-view and even when the match was relegated to the kickoff show it was still part of the tradition and that is expected to continue this year.