WWE Reportedly Considering Reuniting “The Wyatt Family”

the wyatt family
Image via steemit.com

Bray Wyatt hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since he lost his Raw Tag Team Championship alongside Matt Hardy a few weeks ago.

At the same time Luke Harper has been waiting on the sidelines for something to be given to him since he lost his SmackDown Tag Team Championships and Erick Rowan was sidelined with a torn tricep.

A Wyatt Family reunion has been on the cards for a number of months ever since Rowan was forced onto the sidelines, but not that Braun Strowman needs backup as he takes on Brock Lesnar, it could be the perfect time to give The Wyatt Family the reunion that they have needed for a few months.

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The Shield were The Wyatt Family’s greatest adversaries throughout their first run as a stable and now that the trio has gone their separate ways, this could be a good option for a new stable on WWE TV.

It is noted in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that a potential Wyatt Family reunion could be on the cards.

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“Since neither has had anything to do since both were in teams and their partners were injured, there was at least a pitch done for Wyatt & Harper to be put back together,” via Ringsidenews.

The only issue right now is that Luke Harper is on SmackDown whilst Bray Wyatt is over on Raw, but if the reunion happened as part of a dual-brand pay-per-view much like Crown Jewel this coming week then Harper could easily make the switch over to Raw to join his former leader and the duo could easily help out their fellow teammate Braun Strowman in his match against Brock Lesnar.