WWE Reportedly Going for Wrestlers’ Cameo Accounts After Twitch

As we reported yesterday, WWE superstars will now need to cede control of their Twitch accounts to the company. Now, WWE is also going for wrestlers’ Cameo accounts.

We also reported yesterday that NXT superstar and Undisputed Era member Roderick Strong had announced he was leaving Cameo and now it turns out he might have been on to something.  

According to a Wrestling Inc. report, WWE is now having talents sign agreement to turn over their Cameo accounts.

The agreement states that talents “affirm” that WWE is their “authorized representative” and Cameo will make all payments to WWE.

The agreement also includes the clause that “Cameo will not be made a party to any dispute between the talents and the WWE” and that “authorization can be cancelled at any time only if the account is cancelled.”

While the wrestlers were informed that WWE will be turning over a percentage of the Twitch revenues, there is no such report on how the talents will be compensated for turning over their Cameo accounts.

Talents were also reminded this week that continuing business relationships with third parties will result in being “fined, suspended, or terminated.”