WWE Reportedly Has Future Plans For Trish Stratus And Lita As A Tag Team

Trish Stratus Lita
Image via SmarkHenry.com

Trish Stratus and Lita returned to Monday Night Raw and took out Alexa Bliss and Mickie James before a match between all four women was announced for WWE Evolution in less than three weeks time.

Stratus and Lita haven’t been in a WWE ring since the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble back in January and it’s reported that WWE decided that the two women would work better as a tag team at Evolution since this was the company’s original idea for the all-women’s pay-per-view.

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There are a number of reasons why a tag team match was made for Evolution including the fact that Alexa Bliss is currently injured and a tag match would allow her to be much more protected.

According to a report by Mike Johnson of  PWInsider Elite, another one of these reasons is because WWE could have some future plans for Trish and Lita as a team.

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“I was told the decision was made about 2 weeks ago to turn that into a tag and part of it is they want Trish and Lita to be a tag team going forward. They have for them coming out of this for them to be appearing on major shows as a tag team,” he said via RingSideNews.

With talk of Women’s Tag Team Championships heating up, it makes sense that WWE will want to put two of the greatest female wrestlers of all time together as a team because they could then go on to challenge other female teams and put on some fantasy matches in the process.

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Trish and Lita were once fierce rivals, but the two WWE Hall of Famers have been away from the company for more than 12 years now and in that time Stratus has become a wife and mother whilst Lita has concentrated on career paths outside of wrestling, so it will be interesting to see how often Lita and Stratus are expected to appear for WWE in the future.