WWE Reportedly Has Huge Plans For Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre has been teaming with Dolph Ziggler and Braun Strowman over the past few weeks as the trio has been stuck in a feud against The Shield, but last night on Raw their union looked as though it came crumbling down.

McIntyre inadvertently hit Braun Strowman with a Claymore Kick as part of their six-man tag match in the main event of last nights show before The Monster then climbed into the ring and took out Dolph Ziggler with a running powerslam. McIntyre then made the save and hit the Claymore Kick to Strowman once again to send an impressive message.

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It has been well-known over the past few months that Vince McMahon is hot on Drew McIntyre and is hoping to push him to the top of the company in the coming months.

Dave Meltzer reiterated that WWE had huge plans for the Scottish Star on the most recent episode of The Wrestling Observer and even likened McIntyre to Randy Orton back in the day.

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“They’re really protecting Drew. Yeah, I mean they really see stuff in him and they should. Like from day one when they got him back. Everything Vince McMahon wants from a guy, he’s got. I mean he can talk he’s got a good look. He’s tall, he’s got a good physique, and he’s a great wrestler, he said via Ringsidenews.

“So it’s like he ticks all the boxes. I mean he’s like their Randy Orton, a prototype of what they want as a top guy.”

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Last night on Raw, Drew McIntyre lost to Seth Rollins in their World Cup Qualifying match but it was noted that WWE protected Drew throughout this match because he lost via countout and didn’t actually take a lot of heat from Rollins which shows that the company want to keep him looking strong for the foreseeable future.