WWE Reportedly Has No Big Future Plans For Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan
Image via twm.news

Daniel Bryan is one of the stars who has come forward and refused to travel to Saudi Arabia with WWE because of the recent controversy that surrounded the country.

Bryan is a former World Champion and was originally scheduled to fight AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at Crown Jewel, but WWE wrote The American Dragon out of the show last night on SmackDown Live.

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Bryan faced Styles for the WWE Championship in the opening bout of SmackDown Live last night where he was forced to tap to the Calf Crusher after Styles had worked the leg throughout the match.

Samoa Joe then attacked both men following the match and was later inserted into the show in Bryan’s place where he will rehash his feud with Styles over the WWE Championship.

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Interestingly, many fans have been worried by the fact that Bryan lost his Championship match clean on SmackDown Live and they could be right to worry since Bryan Alvarez recently discussed Bryan’s loss on The Wrestling Observer where he revealed that WWE has no big future plans for the former World Champion at present.

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“I was told that the finish on SmackDown last night was the Crown Jewel finish. So it looks like no big plans for Daniel Bryan throughout the rest of the year. He had just won a tournament for a championship match at Crown Jewel and he didn’t want to go to Crown Jewel so they had their match on SmackDown and they had a finish and everyone else moves on,” he said via Ringsidenews.

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Bryan only returned to the ring back in April and has been pushed quite hard over the past few months, so this could be a welcome break for him heading into the festive period.