WWE Reportedly Kept Sasha Banks’ Return a Well-Guarded Secret

The Boss is the next challenger for The Man’s RAW Women’s Title

Image via WWE

Sasha Banks made her grand WWE return this week on Monday Night RAW, assaulting both Natalya and RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch in the process.

Natalya stood in the ring in front of the Toronto crowd and cut an emotional promo, only to be interrupted by the returning Banks. The crowd went wild as “Sky’s the Limit” hit and out came The Boss draped in her swag.

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After hugging Nattie, Banks attacked her outta nowhere and removed her pink wig to reveal her blue hair.

Having laid waste to the veteran, The Legit Boss absolutely decimated Becky who had come out to make the save.

On PWInsider Elite audio, Mike Johnson praised WWE for keeping Sasha’ return a well-guarded secret the entire time.

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“You gotta give WWE credit for this. I asked a million times. No workers I spoke to saw her. Nobody from behind the scenes that I spoke to saw her. No one from the creative team I spoke to had any inclination she was coming back that they admitted to me.”

What’s interesting is that nobody spotted Banks at the airport or even around Toronto before the show on Monday night! It’s likely that WWE had flown her in prior to SummerSlam.

“Nobody spotted her getting into town. Whatever they did whether they drove her quietly over the border and hid her somewhere, whatever they did, they did great.”

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Banks hadn’t been around since WrestleMania 35; after dropping the Women’s Tag Team Championship to The IIconics, The Boss had made an attempt to quit the company but WWE quickly sent her off on a vacation to cool things off.

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It’s a given that Banks is next in line to challenge Lynch for the RAW Women’s Title at Clash Of Champions next month.

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It is being speculated that Banks will be facing Bayley in a Champion vs Champion match at Survivor Series later this year; however she must win the big red belt first if WWE is to lock in that booking.