WWE Reportedly Looking To Change Up The Design of Popular Championships

Vince McMahon announced on the Christmas Eve episode of Monday Night Raw that the company would be unveiling Women’s Tag Team Championships in the very near future, but it appears that the belts could begin a domino effect when it comes to changing up the design of some of the Championships on the main roster.

It is being reported by a number of sources that WWE decided to scrap the design of the original Women’s Tag Team Championship belts, and is now working on a new design instead as well as a new design for both the Tag Team Championships and the United States title.

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The same Twitter account by the name of Belt Fan Dan went on to explain that these plans could now see the historic Tag Team Championship design changed to allow teams to have their own side plates added and the design of the United States Title may well be changed up in the future as well.

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“I was also told that both Raw and SmackDown tag belts will be changed to have removable team side plates which I also reported over a year ago when the idea was brought up. This was also proposed for the United States belt,” he said via Ringsidenews.

WWE has recently unveiled NXT UK Tag Team Championships and only a few short years ago decided to redesign all of the Championships on the NXT roster as well.

It appears that the Women’s Tag Team Championships could signal a lot of change in WWE in the coming months and could allow the company to make many of their bigger titles much more personal to the holders.