WWE Reportedly Moved Up Dean Ambrose’s Heel Turn Following Roman Reigns’ News

Dean Ambrose shocked the world on Raw when he turned on his longtime friend Seth Rollins just hours after Roman Reigns revealed that he was being forced to relinquish his Universal Championship because his Leukemia had returned.

The air was sucked out of the arena the moment the words were stated publicly and Ambrose and Rollins then made their way out to embrace Reigns as he made the final walk up the ramp for a very long time.

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Reigns announcement sat like a dark cloud over Monday Night Raw and the WWE Universe hoped that Ambrose and Rollins could win the Tag Team Championships so that they had at least something to celebrate.

The duo did manage to defeat Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler to become Champions but Ambrose then turned on his partner and set his first WWE heel turn in action.

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According to Bryan Alvarez of The Wrestling Observer, Ambrose’s heel turn wasn’t supposed to take place until Survivor Series, but it was pushed forward because of Reigns’ announcement.

“He wasn’t even supposed to turn heel last night. The actual plan was that he was going to turn around Survivor Series and they moved it up and they specifically did it to capitalize on the emotions of a guy who’s home to fight for his life,” he said via NODQ.

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Ambrose’s heel turn gave Raw the shock factor that it needed and the heat that the former World Champion needed following years of being seen as one of WWE’s biggest babyfaces. The Shield had no future without Roman Reigns, which could be why the company decided to move the segment forward and give Rollins and Ambrose a new storyline arc.