WWE Reportedly Pull Kurt Angle From Survivor Series Plans

Kurt Angle was once the General Manager of Monday Night Raw but Baron Corbin has taken over his slot as the main authority figure in recent weeks, which has left Angle in a position where is able to return to the ring once again.

Last week on Raw, Angle had the chance to be the team captain of Raw if he could defeat Drew McIntyre, but The Scottish star defeated him with his own move and this has since sparked retirement rumors.

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Angle didn’t appear on this week’s episode of Raw, even though he was originally scheduled to be part of the Survivor Series men’s team but was actually replaced by Finn Balor.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider recently stated that WWE has written Angle out of the original plans for Survivor Series following his match against Drew McIntyre last week.

“I don’t know what the cause was for the change but a week ago, the plan was for Kurt Angle to be in that match and not Finn Balor. So for whatever reason, they decided with that Drew McIntyre match that they were writing Kurt out of storylines for now and Finn Balor was the one to take his place,” he said via Ringsidenews.

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Angle has been wrestling at a high level for the past few years but it was an emotional match between him and Drew McIntyre on Monday night which is why this could have been the last match that Angle is a part of for a while.

There are various sources that now state that Angle passed the torch to McIntyre as part of their match in the UK last week, which would make sense since huge things are now expected of The Scot moving forward.