WWE Reportedly Scraps Plans For Lars Sullivan’s Debut

Lars Sullivan

Lars Sullivan was announced as a main roster call-up a number of months ago, but is still yet to appear as part of Raw or SmackDown. The announcement of the new era in WWE and the five other NXT stars who were promoted alongside him forced WWE to originally scrap plans or his debut, but it appears that this happened once again this week.

Whilst the likes of Lacey Evans, Heavy Machinery and EC3 all enjoyed debuts as part of dark matches ahead of SmackDown and Raw this past week, Sullivan was a missing face from either show, even though the original plan was to have him debut on either Raw or SmackDown.

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Bryan Alvarez of The Wrestling Observer recently discussed the fact that WWE had plans for The Freak but were once again unable to make them happen.

“Lars Sullivan was supposed to appear on RAW Monday and he wasn’t there and then he was supposed to appear on SmackDown Tuesday and he wasn’t there. Now, I have no idea what that means. I have no idea what his future is. I just know he was supposed to be on both of those shows, but he wasn’t there.”

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“He was earmarked for a very big match at WrestleMania and maybe we’ll know more on Monday, maybe we’ll know more on Tuesday, maybe the Rumble.”

“I don’t know, all I know is he was supposed to be at both shows and he was not there,” he said via Ringsidenews.

The NXT call-ups are all expected to make an impact on the main roster before the Royal Rumble, but it appears that WWE is having trouble deciding what to do with Lars Sullivan.