WWE Reportedly Shuffled Monday Night RAW Due To NBA Finals

NBA garnered 18.2 million viewers whereas RAW averaged only 2.12 million

Image via WWE

Monday Night RAW went head-to-head with the NBA Finals this week and WWE was monitoring the basketball game closely for the sake of viewership ratings.

To counter the high-voltage NBA finals, WWE shuffled their programming and things were moved around. Fans sensed that the show was off-track and many pointed out that the sequence of events didn’t make sense and RAW wasn’t fluid.

On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez addressed the matter, noting that RAW was written last week and WWE tried hard to counter the NBA game with all the shuffling.

“We knew there was going to be a strong NBA game Monday night on like Saturday or Sunday. So the point of this is they started writing RAW last week. So they didn’t know what kind of competition they were going to have on Monday. They could have presumed that it could happen, but they put together a show like they put together a show.”

While NBA could be blamed for this week’s shoddy RAW, the fact that WWE’s flagship show hasn’t been doing good lately can’t be ruled out.

“Now I can tell you for a fact that last night during RAW they were monitoring the NBA game so I believe things were moved around as a result of what was happening during the game. So they do keep an eye on things and I can’t say that they give up, I mean some things they do give up like when you know you’re going to go head-to-head against something and there’s just no hope and they actually do give up, but I don’t think you could say that about last night’s show.”

The WWE Universe has oftentimes noted how much of a trash product RAW has become while the IWC also agrees that it’s difficult to sit through the entire show on Monday nights.