WWE Reportedly Unhappy With Superstars Requesting Their Release

Image via WWE

WWE’s current roster is bigger than ever – RAW, SmackDown, 205, NXT, NXT UK – a total of 224 Superstars and the company keeps on signing more people to ensure that fans get maximum possible entertainment.

However, with a bigger roster comes even bigger problems one of which is talents getting buried and lost in the mix. Although the talent count increases, the time these stars get on television is far less – some wrestlers don’t even get the opportunity to be featured on WWE TV for weeks.

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On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the recent issue of Superstars requesting their release from WWE.

“There are a lot of guys who are good and they can’t push everybody so you’re gonna have people — especially now — even if I don’t make as much money or even if I make more money whatever I don’t have to be in WWE anymore.”

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“It’s a narrative that WWE doesn’t want out though and they shouldn’t that people would rather leave for less money or if they can get more money elsewhere. Either one of those narratives isn’t a good one for them with the perception that they are the one and only major league and everything is indies.”

And as it turns out, it isn’t always about money but the hypersaturated suffocating situation that causes Superstars to request for their releases. Take Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis Bennett or The Revival for example.

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“You know what? When I think about it with my own life too. Money’s always important, but if you’re miserable — I’m not saying people in WWE are miserable, but I guess the better way because this is really what it is. I guess they are mentally to a degree if you’re a really good performer and you’re not allowed to perform and you’re not getting the opportunities to perform at the level you could.”

“The Revival’s a perfect example of this. You know they’re good. They proved in NXT that they’re good. Nobody in the company denies that they’re good.”